Project Butterfly

Just three days before Christmas in 2012, we lost our beautiful 14 month old baby to an unbelievable freak accident. When we were supposed to be unwrapping presents and eating turkey we were actually dealing with coroners, autopsies and police.

A group of Nelson crafts people and parents came together to make a tribute to baby Mac. We decided to make it for everybody who has lost a child in Nelson.

In a nut shell, Project Butterfly aims to support families through the death of a child. Families often stop going to counselling sessions as they can't afford it and there is no memorial in town to all the children who have been lost. This project is now mid-way through building a pathway through Fairfield Park where bereaved families can design a butterfly shaped paver in tribute to their lost child. We are attempting to create a space where people can go to reflect and remember in a peaceful setting that isn't a graveyard. Initially this will be the focus of the fundraising, but Project Butterfly's long term aim is to offer practical and emotional support to bereaved families who find themselves lost in immense grief.

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