Naiah-Rose was a beautiful, lively and healthy little girl. She loved to be cheeky and was always smiling.

Her favourite things to do were crawling around getting into mischief, riding on her Daddy's shoulders, and tipping out her toybox all over the floor.

In her short life, Naiah had learnt to roll over, crawl, stand up, clap her hands, say Mum and Dad, and she had 8 teeth.

When Naiah was 10 months old, she caught a viral infection in her throat, which made her very sick. She then developed a bacterial infection which caused her body to over compensate, and while trying to fight off infection, her body began attacking itself, causing irreversable damage to her organs.

Naiah was flown to Starship Hospital in Auckland, where she battled for 11 days, through ventillation, oscillation, 6 hours of heart surgery, days on life support and test after test.

After all of Naiah's battles, the Doctors concluded that the damage, particularly in her brain, was too extensive and she wasn't going to recover. 

On 6/6/2013 we made the heartbreaking decision to turn off Naiah's life support and said Goodbye to our sweet little Girl.

We are forever grateful to Project Butterfly for giving us the opportunity to create a beautiful paver for Naiah, and for allowing us to be a part of such a special pathway.

Our design idea was to have roses, for our Naiah-Rose, and to make them blue to represent her beautiful big blue eyes.

We feel the loss of our little Girl every day, and will miss her forever.

Ceara & Patrick.

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