Project Butterfly is currently run just for Nelson people who have lost children. There are hundreds of ways you can be involved or help out. Would you like to donate some time, money or even a service?  

Every donation counts and can be put towards funeral costs, counseling, memorials or a public work of art that commerates a little one.

Here are some of our contributors:

  • Da' Maha Organic Coconut Water
    The nice folk from Da' Maha have donated a case of organic coconut water to Project Butterfly. If you have seen this around lately and wondered about it, its a new and exciting product that is based in Nelson!!!!
  • Morrison Street Cafe
    The wonderful team at Morrison Street Cafe have donated one of their fabulous cook books to our auction night. Thank you Morrison Street :)
  • Love Nally
    How cool are these cushions? The wonderful Laurel and Delia from 'Love Nally' have donated 2 x vouchers for a 'named' kids cushion. Each cushion is valued at $25. Winner of the auction can choose from a range of fabrics. Thanks so much Laurel, Delia and 'Love Nally'!
  • Monique's - Avon
    Monique has donated a rather wonderful gift basket of Avon products to our auction. The RRP value is $220!!! Thank you so much Monique :) If you are interested in getting any Avon products, contact us for Monique's deatils!
  • Orinoco Wines
    Orinoco Wines have donated a beautiful gift pack to Project Butterfly for our auction night. Orinoco Vineyard is managed by following biodynamic and organic principles. Each vine is lovingly hand tended through the seasons, this care and attention follows through into our wines. Find out for yourself at out auction! Thanks so much Orinoco Wines.
  • My Heart Sings NZ
    This very talented lady has donated one of her 'Atlas Butterfly' pictures. Made out of world maps each picture features four beautiful butterflies. Cant wait to see this at our auction!
  • Louise Douglas Jewellery
    A piece of super beautiful jewellery from Louise Douglas Jewellery has been donated by the very kind jeweller herself. We are so lucky at Project Butterfly to live in such a kind and generous society. Thank you so much Louise!
  • Ambrosia Cafe
    The very popular Ambrosia Cafe in Richmond have kindly donated us a voucher. Thank you Ambrosia.
  • Red Gallery
    The fabulous Red Gallery & Cafe has kindly donated a work of art to our auction evening. How exciting(I wonder what it is?). We all know they have amazing stuff so pop in and see them! Thank you Red Gallery :)
  • Harrys Bar
    Harrys Bar do the most amazing nibbles and cocktails! Right in the hub of Nelson’s dining out scene, Harrys has a sophisticated urban feel, with indoor and outdoor tables under the leafy trees of Trafalgar Street. They have kindly donated a voucher to our auction night.
  • Foxy Lady
    This iconic Nelson store has kindly donated a pair of very sexy polka dot socks. One very lucky lady could take home these very special novelty socks from Foxy Lady. From lingerie, sleep ware or swim ware - Foxy Lady has it all. Thanks so much guys!
  • Jewel Beetle
    The amazing Jewel Beetle have gifted us a very nice voucher for our auction evening. Making the finest hand crafted jewellery, Jewel Beetle’s team of professional women jewellers have a wealth of experience in both design and manufacture.
  • Cafe Affair
    Cafe Affair, where fine food, good company and great wines meet, as well as their unique to Nelson, StoneGrill Dining. Yum yum!!! Cafe Affair have very kindly donated us a voucher to be auctioned. Thank you so much Cafe Affair.
  • Wangapeka Cheese
    Based in Nelson/Tasman, Wangapeka Cheese is the best around. And they have generously donated to Project Butterfly! One fabulous gift voucher for Wangapeka products is to be auctioned at our auction night. Thank you Wangapeka!!!
  • Global Soaps
    The amazing Global Soaps (you know the cute wee shop on Nile Street) have helped us escape the ordinary by donating one of their beautiful gift baskets. You should visit them for handmade natural soaps, butter baths, soap nuts, fizz bombs, massage bars, shaving soaps, massage bars, shaving soaps, baby and toddler soaps and much much more. Thanks Global Soaps!
  • Sublime Coffee
    Boutique coffee roasters 'Sublime' have very kindly donated some vouchers to Project Butterfly for our auction night...a lot of vouchers!!! Stop by and have a coffee - these guys are awesome. Thank you Sublime!
  • Tracy Dawson - Ortho Bionomy Voucher
    The very kind Tracy Dawson has donated a voucher for an hour session of Ortho-Bionomy. Ortho-Bionomy is a gentle body alignment that assists in easing pains and improving function. She has a studio in Hardy Street or Redwood Valley.
  • Arthur Wakefield
    Specialising in local produce and wines, the Arthur Wakefield has been a local institution for the region since...forever! They have very kindly donated a dining voucher to our auction night. Try it out in their boutique lounge bar or courtyard. Thank you Arthur Wakefield!!!!
  • Bo Peep Baby Booties
    Two pairs of beautiful hand crafted baby booties lined with real sheepskin have been donated to our auction from 'Bo Peep Baby Booties'. Made from the finest local materials including 100% pure wool, sheepskin, mohair and possum fur, these would make a fabulous gift!
  • Prince Albert
    Located in Nile Street, the Prince Albert is a cool place to hang out. They have kindly donated a food and beverage voucher to the Butterfly Project. See you there!
  • Tupperware
    Tupperware is the new cool. It keeps your food for longer and it is stylish. Plus they have great parties. And we have been donated a very lovely gift pack from Tamara. If anybody is after Tupperware please let us know!!!
  • Punk Baby Clothing
    Fabulous Nelson clothing label 'Punk Baby Clothing' has very kindly donated a 'Hungry Caterpillar' skirt (and we all know that caterpillars turn into butterflies). This great skirt is for age '3'. Thank you so much Punk Baby Clothing!
  • Nelson Tailors
    The team from Nelson Tailors have not only given us a voucher to auction on our auction night but a Dopp multifunction tool too (kind of like a Swiss Army Knife). That is so generous Nelson Tailors!
  • Frances Ergen Designs
    Wow - a donation from Turkey! Frances Ergen Designs have sent us the most wonderful organic cotton scarf to be auctioned. This unique scarf is handmade and features crotched embellishments. You know that people are wonderful when they donate to a local cause from the other side of the world! Thank you so much Frances!

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