Good Grief

Over the past few years we have heard from many of you. Dealing with grief is not easy, So many of you have had amazing ideas to help remember your loved one. We have heard your stories, ideas and tips. We have been blown away by the incredible love many of you have shared and the tributes and foundations you have started in their memory. Some ideas were so simple, some complex, but they all helped you thorough a difficult time. These important ideas can help so many others just beginning their journey and illustrate that their is life after loss. We knew we couldn't let this important information pass, and so decided to collate a book, 'Good Grief', 365 ways through the first year of grief. We hope that by sharing your ideas you can find some peace and for others reading the ideas they can begin their journey knowing they are not alone.

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 Ideas We Love Name/Location Link Why
 1 Abi's Dots Alex fulton Design/Blenheim NZ memory of Abi Hone who died in 2014 in a car accident.
 2 Tattoos in memory of loved ones. Sarah/Wellington NZ


A tattoo using ashes of her precious baby.
 3. 61 Bear Drive

 Lily Velez/ Florida/US

Collecting teddy bears in memory of her father who passed away to donate to charity.
 4. Candy Canes Mysterious Person/Nelson NZ mysterious person leaves candy canes on all the graves in the children's cemetary, delighting grievning parents from all over the district.
 5. 'Something About Losing a Child Darryl Ware A play, 40 years in the making. One mans true story.
 6 Forever Present Perma and Isla Catherine and Maibritt/New Zealand
Gift boxes for thos affected from SUDI
 7 Photos of names across the globe Violet/United States Asking friends to write your childs name down and send it to them.
 8 Sweet Pea Project blankets to people who have lost babies around the world.


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