• Naiah-Rose
    Naiah-Rose was a beautiful, lively and healthy little girl. She loved to be cheeky and was always smiling.
  • Jackson, Jack Attack, Jacky
    Here is Kurtis, Jackson's big brother with his little brother Jackson's paver.
  • Forever in our Hearts
    This paver is dedicated to Dylan. Dylan was a lovely little boy only lent to us. His grandmother believes that 'when you lose a child, these precious children have come to teach us things about life and ourselves if we can see that'.
  • Oliver Eagle
    This paver is dedicated to Oliver, who was strong like the lion.
  • Point Up Into the Wind
    Blake was our first child. His death was a huge shock. You have so many hopes and dreams for your baby. We hoped he would love the sea and sailing. He was named after Peter Blake, a New Zealand yachting legend. Blake would have grown into his red socks.

    The term ‘Point up into the wind’ is what you do to stop moving and stall a boat. Blake's memory sails on with us.
  • MacAuley Hicks Loved Always
    Maccy is the most beautiful little boy. I think of him every day. I know he is up there and all I can do is work hard down here to let him know how much we love him.
  • Twinkle Forever Lucas
    This paver is dedicated to Lucas. His mum made the footprints and even included a smidgen of his ashes.
  • Samuel Barraud
    Samuel's mum had this butterfly made up from pieces of family china. Samuel passed in the 70s, but a family never forgets.
  • Matilda Mighty in Battle
    This paver is dedicated to Matilda, who was mighty in battle.
  • Holding Hope
    A poem written about the parents experience of creating a paver for her children.
  • Hayden
    Hayden, 20 years of age, was such a friendly, sensitive, intelligent, caring, kind, selfless empathetic guy with a quirky sense of humour, who always cared about others far more than himself. He loved doing random, spontaneous things with his group of friends, who all said he taught them how to make the most out of every moment in every day. An amazing friend to everyone - he lives on in our thoughts and dreams.
    Fly free Haydz

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